By recommendation from a friend at work, Lucia and I decided to make Winans our next stop in downtown Columbus. Can we take just one second to appreciate the name of this place… it literally has everything you could ever need in life. Pure marketing genius. Let me tell you, the spot itself exceeded the expectations the name plants in your head.

This is just a snippet of the interior. The other half of the space is set up with a wine bar & completely different aesthetic!

Courtney’s Order: Raspberry Truffle Mocha. Sour Candy Hearts, Sea Salt Caramel Chocolates, Peppermint Bark & 4 Pack of Truffles (peanut butter smidgen, coconut haystack, crunchy peanut butter cup & cookie dough).

  • coffee: A+ . I was really afraid that this would be too sweet or syrupy but it was done perfectly. It had a smoked flavor to it with a light aftertaste of raspberry. Ugh, I want another one now.
  • food: A+ . The chocolates are out of this world.
  • aesthetic (coffee): B . They are all made in to go cups, but they are still cute!
  • aesthetic (interior): A+ . They did such an incredible job of combining the two atmospheres surrounding both a cafe and a wine bar. The scene changes from a light and airy space to a darker and more serene setting on the second half. They transition in such a flawless way though, not awkward at all, instead intriguing and beautiful!

Lucia’s Order: Raspberry Truffle Mocha. Malted Milk Balls, Peanut Bar, Milk Chocolate “LOVE” Bar, Unbearably Hot Cinnamon Gummies.

  • coffee: A+ . Honestly, one of my favorites. It was made with half and half, which gives it more of a hot chocolate-like consistency.
  • food: A+ . If you’re looking for Valentine’s Day gifts still, this is the ultimate destination. May or may not have spent over $20 on chocolate but it is soo worth it.
  • aesthetic (coffee): B . Nothing special about the design but nothing disappointing about it either!
  • aesthetic (interior): A+ . Favorite interior thus far! So pleasing and unique. The interior feels large and small at the same time, giving feelings of both comfort and relaxation in just the right proportions.
Sea Salt Caramels!

If you’re ever in the downtown Columbus area, this stop is a must. Everyone there was incredibly nice and didn’t rush us at all, even though we both took about twenty minutes to gather all of our chocolates and decide on which drink (they all sounded unbelievable, it’s not our fault). They also offer specialty coffee beans for sale! Snickerdoodle, blueberry and so many more flavors are available. If you go in the afternoon, might as well stick around for happy hour (which starts at 4) and get a couple dollars off of some glasses of wine! Again, coffee + chocolate + wine… need I say more?