Of course on the day we decided to go on another coffee run, the universe decided it was the perfect time to drop the temperature from 60 degrees to 20 degrees. Thanks, Ohio, love ya! Although this cafe was a pleasant escape from the tundra we were in outside, it would be absolutely perfect in the summer. It sits inside an office building that opens up directly onto the Columbus Commons (a little park featuring a Jeni’s Ice Cream stand, the cutest little carousel and a stage for various performances!). The interior is a bit on the smaller side, but is the perfect space to go solo with a good book in hand!

ode to Paris & cherry danish

Courtney’s Order: Ode to Paris & Cherry Danish.

  • coffee: A- . The Ode to Paris was very tasty!! Would definitely recommend. Was a classic style drink, so if you don’t like to stray from the basics, this will be the drink for you.
  • food: B . The cherry danish was good but they don’t have enough space to bake in house. Would definitely still order a bakery item though! Can never go wrong with a pastry & coffee match up.
  • aesthetic (coffee): A- . I l o v e d the fact that they had an array of coffee mugs they used if the coffee order wasn’t to-go! Reminiscent of Friends and the Central Perk experience, so of course I adored it.
  • aesthetic (interior): B+ . You are literally submerged in everything and anything related to Hemingway. Very unique atmosphere, no where else like it in Columbus!
The Jack Frost & Double Chocolate Chip Muffin

Lucia’s Order: The Jack Frost & Double Chocolate Chip Muffin

  • coffee: A . The Jack Frost was peppermint flavor-based and they mastered the flavor perfectly! It was also topped with a frost blue peppermint whipped cream, which was the perfect addition.
  • food: B . The muffin was good and definitely went well with the drink. The main focus for them was definitely their coffee rather than food!
  • aesthetic (coffee): B+ . The blue whipped cream on top of the drink was so cute and unique. I’ve never seen that before! Can also tell they took a lot of time in thinking of the names of the drinks which I really appreciated.
  • aesthetic (interior): B+ . If you’re going to do a Paris theme, I say go all in with it. That’s exactly what they did!
Gingersnap Latte & Lemon Donut

Special Guest Jake’s Order (aka Lucia’s boyfriend): Gingersnap Latte & Lemon Donut.

  • coffee: B+ . The flavor was great! Cooled off pretty fast but probably just because of the size of the mug and the large amount of coffee ordered.
  • food: B+ . They did nail the lemon flavor, wasn’t too sweet and wasn’t too tart. Again, not their main focus though!
  • aesthetic (coffee): A . Really enjoyed the different mugs and how they used a specific mug for certain orders.
  • aesthetic (interior): B . A little cramped! Overall, really enjoyed the atmosphere though.