I don’t even know how to describe the perfection of this experience, so I’m just going to run you through the whole scenario. We pulled into Bexley, the historic part where buildings are brick, the little strip looking weathered and quaint. We spot the café, located on the corner. Street parking is free… that’s right, free. We park by one of those buildings you look at and wonder how many people were turned down for loans inside before it was turned into the fancy af Starbucks that is now. When we enter Kittie’s, we realize there’s the option to walk into a local bookstore. I actually felt like a kid in a candy shop because this was like my favorite spot of Barnes & Noble but on a whole new level. This was authentic, with books you couldn’t find in chain stores, bakery items made fresh each morning, and coffee that could please just about anyone. Needless to say, this is hands down my new favorite place in Ohio (maybe even on this planet) and yes, I did purchase at least two books and yes, I am now part of the bookstore rewards program. Please, for the love of all that is holy, make a stop here. Now I’m going to bombard you with the million and one pictures I took while in my state of pure bliss. Pretty sure I blacked out, not kidding guys, you should see my camera roll… 

cinnamon rolls, cinnamon scone & nashville hoodie

Courtney’s Order: Nashville Hoodie & Cinnamon Roll.

  • coffee: A+ . The flavor of the nashville hoodie perfectly mimicked the flavor of the cinnamon roll. Could you ask for anything more???
  • food: A++ . I know, I’m breaking the rules right now, but they are 100% not kidding about this being the best cinnamon roll around. It was the definition of perfect, more firm on the outside, warm & gooey in the center. I can’t talk about it anymore, I already want ten more.
  • aesthetic (coffee): A+ . I loved the blue accent color they used throughout the cafe, even incorporating it into their cup color! Also, thought all foam art was the same until I saw this foam art…
  • aesthetic (interior): A +. I know I sound dramatic but a one of a kind bakery attached to a one of a kind book store!!!! The interior of both made me smile every time I took a minute to look around. Never wanted to leave.
the foam art. the blue cup. the tiny spoon. *cries*

Lucia’s Order: Salted Maple Latte & Cinnamon Roll.

  • coffee: B+ . The salted maple was impressive but making a mental note that I would like it a bit sweeter in the future!
  • food: A+ . Best cinnamon roll I’ve ever tasted, 12/10, would work there just to have access to them on the daily.
  • aesthetic (coffee): A . I was ready to steal my tiny blue mug and the foam art was so pretty!
  • aesthetic (interior): A . Very cute with the bookstore but it’s a bit small in and of itself. However, the outdoor seating definitely redeemed the smaller indoor seating! They even had little heat lamps and the blue stools made the area bright and comfortable.

Jake’s Order: Iced Nashville Hoodie & Cinnamon Scone.

  • coffee: B+ . Would’ve liked to have been able to taste the espresso a bit more, will be adding an extra shot next time!
  • food: A . Made a mistake and didn’t get the scone warmed up… regrets.
  • aesthetic (coffee): B+ . They sell the cold cups that they serve the iced drinks in, which is really cool!
  • aesthetic (interior): A . Without the bookstore it wouldn’t be the same but there’s nothing better than a good book & coffee combo.
a peek into the bookstore (they even have a book club!!)
this picture & the picture above are taken from the same spot