I can only think of one word to describe this bakery & cafe: lovely. You can catch me taking pictures of every square inch of this building (inside & out) because the style of it is everything I’ve ever dreamed of in my future home. Everyone working there was just as lovely as the location itself, making it an all around fantastic experience. They even invited us to check out their upstairs event space, which I immediately wanted to book for all upcoming events in my life. Ever. However, the absolute best part of the experience came as I was waiting in line, which doesn’t happen very often. For every customer in front of me who ordered a fresh loaf of bread, the employees would ask “how are you planning on using it?”. It caught some customers off guard, giving back timid answers, thinking if they answered wrong that they wouldn’t be allowed the bread. Others answered back boldly, their plans involving words far beyond my kitchen vocabulary. No matter how the customer responded, the employee enthusiastically handed them the bread with an emphatic “ooh” about their plans, reassuring them that it was bound to be amazing. Every recipe I heard made my mouth water and it was so enlightening to see how many different ways just one, single type of bread could be used. To wrap this up, A++++++ all around rating!!

Latte, Carrot Cake & Tomato Soup
Grilled Cheese (which featured their homemade jam!!) & Side Salad
Part of the Indoor Event Space
Each Table Has Fresh Flowers!