As I’ve recently discovered my incredible ability to spend an entire paycheck on breakfast & brunch in just one weekend, I figured I should put my taste testing to good use and share some of my favorite spots with everyone. As graduation is right around the corner, as well as nice weather and entertainment season in general, I wanted to give a few recommendations and (hopefully) relieve some of the event planning stress! If you have any breakfast or brunch places you absolutely love, please tell me!! As mentioned before, I have no qualms when it comes to spending money on food… I also attached the link to the menu for each restaurant, just click on the photo caption! One last thing, added a couple suggestions at the end if you have a larger party and might need a reservation. OKAY, I’m done, let’s talk food!

Brekki Shack

First up on the list is Brekkie Shack! Since it’s located in Grandview, it avoids the busy traffic of the short north/downtown area which is always a plus. I’m going to tell you right now that you will order more than you are physically able to consume because literally every single thing on the menu makes your mouth water. Bonus: they have a super cute neon sign that says “pancakes & dreams” that is definitely Instagram worthy if you can snag the spot!

Flowers & Bread

I had to include one of my all time favorites, Flowers & Bread. Not only can you order a whole loaf of fresh made bread (if you aren’t sold already I don’t think we can be friends…) but both the interior and exterior of the building is so aesthetically pleasing it brings a little tear to my eye. The menu is amazing and they offer both breakfast and lunch options!

Dough Mama

Allow me to introduce you to my newest love, Dough Mama. Y’all they have fresh made pies, need I say more?? The maple iced latte is a must, along with anything involving their cheddar biscuits. However, would not recommend for a super large group! Seating is very limited. Like one of those spots where it feels like you’re playing musical chairs, eyeballing everyones seat to see who will finish next and analyzing how fast you can move to beat out the other three people waiting for the same seat. But, fresh made pie….

Kittie’s Cakes at Bexley

Kittie’s Cakes is my all time favorite spot. Things you must order include a freshly made cinnamon roll, paired with the nashville hoodie to drink! It’s about a ten minute drive from the campus area but so worth it. The area itself is very old fashioned, slow paced and beautiful. Not only do they have a full breakfast menu, but also lunch and cocktails to accompany it!

Northstar Cafe

Mint. Iced. Coffee. I don’t even like mint and I can’t make it out of Northstar without ordering one of these bad boys. This is right in the middle of all the action of the short north district, with the option to sit and eat there or just as easily grab it to go. My favorite thing about Northstar (besides the mint iced coffee) is the fact that you walk away feeling good about what you just ate. Their options are rather healthy and fully satisfying!

I have so many more places I could add to this list but I’m going to wrap it up with these last two recommendations. If you have a larger party and think you’d need to make a reservation, I would suggest either Forno or The Goat (located in the short north & downtown area). They both have plenty of seating, give the option to make reservations, and (most importantly) have outstanding menus.

Thank you guys for reading my suggestions! Again, please let me know any recommendations you might have as well! Always looking for new places to explore.