What exactly is a dip powder manicure, you may ask. Great question. Even after seeing this technique become increasingly popular within the last year, I never paid much mind to it. As a habitual nail biter, I was forced into always having acrylics in order to not tear my own nails to shreds. Recently a new salon opened in my area (the salon is called the Blush Nail Lounge if you’re in the Columbus *check out bottom paragraph for more*!) that I was dying to check out, but they didn’t offer any services with acrylics. So, not really by my own free will and more so fueled by major fomo, I decided to try the dip powder manicure. Here’s what I learned…

The Process

If you’ve gotten acrylics before, you’re familiar with the tedious and time-consuming application process. This is nothing like that. Dip can be used on either your natural nail or with added tips. I added tips to a few of my nails to even out the length. After that two second application, the nail was buffed lightly with the electric buffer, just enough to create an even surface on the nail (nothing like the four different types of buffing that shave off most of your natural nail with acrylic application). After that a primer is applied, followed by a clear coat. Then each nail is dipped into the colored powder of your choosing. The clear coat and powder dip process is repeated two to three times. Then the final top coat is applied and you’re done. That’s it. Done. I’m not kidding I sat there with my mouth hanging open at how quick and easy the process was. 

Are They Strong?

Yes! My favorite aspect of the dip manicure is that it feels like your natural nail but a bit tougher. They aren’t as strong as acrylics. However, they are extremely light weight compared to acrylics, while still being stronger than your natural nail. 

How Long Do They Last?

Dip manicures can last up to a month! They outlast both acrylic and gel fills which is absolutely amazing if you’re like me and can only afford to splurge once a month. Earliest a fill should be needed is three weeks. 

Would I Get A Dip Manicure Again?

Heck. Yes. Again, I’ve been wanting to transition back to my natural nails for the longest time and I’ve found that this is the perfect compromise. Not only is the dip application process easier, but it’s also less harsh and damaging on the natural nail. I can honestly say I don’t think I’ll be returning to acrylics anytime soon!

I want to give a special shout out to the Blush Nail Lounge in Columbus, Ohio for giving me such an amazing first experience with a dip manicure! The nail technicians were so helpful and patient, willing to answer any questions I had and even put in the time for the extra detail I wanted to add at the end. On top of the amazing service, their space is brand new and has one of the cutest interiors I’ve ever seen! Not to mention nail color options for days. Okay, done gushing over how much I love this place (for now). Hope this helps!